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(Free rogueWave Video with audio album purchase.. No cookies and No credit card information kept by seller SongSwell- payment goes through Paypal) Audio album rogueWave is offered in three different flavors including .m4a, .mp3, and FLAC stereo audio. There are 8 songs on the album including: The Sala Mala, WaveDance, LtlBigHorn, MyWikileak, Lost, GypsyQueen, AlohaAroha, and MountainMan.

Let me Explain. It all started off the west coast of Afrika when "SongSwell" jumped on a rogueWave with a local tune called "The Sala Mala". While this wave, being truly impetous in nature, decided to join up with a smooth little four footer just south of the Santa Monica pier with a song called "Wave Dance." I know this is long winded but be patient it gets even more confusing ...... Their's a nice little right called the N'Gor that decided to go rogue when it heard about the pretty little "Gypsy Queen" rollin off the tip of the Baha. Now that wave just couldn't settle when a crystal clear wave started doing some islander moves to the "AlohaAroha" song. Then the lonely "Mountain Man" in the hills above Dublin could see things heating up in Huahine and decided to leak the whole mess with the song called "My Wikileak." Finally the ghost of Custer is trying to open old wounds in the Grand Canyon with "LtlBigHorn," and you can forget the whole mess in the redwoods with the song called "Lost." Well now that everthing is as clear as a storm off Cape Horn....SongSwell introduces it's debut album called rogueWave and well....still not sure what it is or where it is going but......Surf the song buttons on your left and enjoy the ride! Who knows you might just get the "big ride" and catch a song you enjoy. The slideshow below may help confuse you a bit more. (Comments to

Slideshow of rogueWAVE

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The rogueWave video is offered FREE in four different flavors including .m4v, .mp4, .wmv, and .m2ts--- while there is an expanded video selection for the for the 8 songs on the album: The Sala Mala, WaveDance, LtlBigHorn, MyWikileak, Lost, GypsyQueen, AlohaAroaha, and MountainMan. The buttons on the left side of the Web page let you surf and view or purchase songs or videos individually. Enjoy the Ride!