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Santa Monica with a short surf clip. This clip features live wave audio. With the use of waterproof wireless mics this was an attempt to capture the audio of catching a chin high wave.....Surf the song buttons on your left and enjoy the ride! Who knows you might just get the "big ride" and catch a song you enjoy. The slideshow below will tell some of the story. (Comments to

Slideshow of rogueWAVE

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The rogueWave video is offered FREE in four different flavors including .m4v, .mp4, .wmv, and .m2ts--- while there is an expanded video selection for the for the 8 songs on the album: The Sala Mala, WaveDance, LtlBigHorn, MyWikileak, Lost, GypsyQueen, AlohaAroaha, and MountainMan. The buttons on the left side of the Web page let you surf and view or purchase songs or videos individually. Enjoy the Ride!