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a short surf story from Santa Monica beach near the pier. In the water on good day there are hundreds of surfers on the surf line. From Santa Monica to Venice they are lining up to catch a nice wave. One day while waiting for a wave I thought to myself "this is the most fun I'll have all day and simply put is free". In a crazy world paddling out into the surf with the waves breaking all around takes you to a different place. There are unique sounds enjoyed when catching a wave. The thrill of a "Free Ride" keeps bringing everyone back for more. Hope you keep coming back to songswell to enjoy the music ride. Surf the song menu buttons on the left and who knows you might just catch a song you enjoy.Leave Comments

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This clip features live wave audio with the use of waterproof wireless mics. This was an attempt to capture the audio of catching a chin high wave so you can experience riding the wave along with me. The video was filmed early when the water was calm and glassy. Since there was at least 100ft of travel on the wave I had to catch a right breaking wave so my DOP could catch the action. The the large immobile camera package was on the beach on a tripod. Clip was filmed at 60fps with an Arri Mini with a Canon 200-400 lense. Hayden Smith was the nimble cinematographer on the shoot.Leave Technical Comments