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Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire with "Moment of Joy." This video was filmed in Malibu CA at the entrance to a property donated to the City of Malibu by Barbara Streisand. The area was heavily wooded and though not an exact replica certainly created the mood needed. Unfortunately the surrounding area was devastated by the 2018 wildfires and with a heavy heart I am hesitant to return to the site..... As a ploy to lure the Sheriff into the dense woods, Robin Hood uses song as a lure. Joe Sherman plays Will Scarlet who is joined by Band of Merry Men in song.... in the end they get a suprise visit! Current video is available in HD or UHD HEVC with DTS and Dolby surround sound. Comments to

Subtitles now available for iphone, ipad, and Quicktime Player Player. When the video begins playing push the new oval button to the right of the controls to access the subtitles. Below is a slideshow with pics of the various players and production in "Moment of Joy".

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