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Hidden corner of Cyberspace with the " MyWikileak Video." Well it was kind of .....Well....... it was supposed to be secret and now the whole world knows. Well yes i am embarrassed but....... Watch video at your own risk, Attorney General will be watching your movements and $100,000.00 in fines for copying sensitive material. (Comments to

Subtitles now available for iphone, ipad, and Quicktime Player Player. When using iphone or ipad push the new oval button to the right of the controls to access the subtitles. If you look below i have added a new slideshow with pics of the various players.

Slideshow of "MyWikileak" video

Audio only will be offered in different formats including 5.1 surround sound

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MyWikileak Audio Only is coming

Audio ONLY is offered in 5 different flavors including .m4a, .mp3, FLAC and yes Audiophiles a High definition PCM(.wav) stereo and PCM(.wav)surround. Remember those .wav files have more calories and are sure to fill up your hard drive. If you can only ride the big .wav then prepare for a longer download times.